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Talkin’ Like a Pirate? It be a linguistic treasure trove

Tue 18 September 2018

The ideas we have about Pirate Talk have much more to do with facts about language than facts about pirates. So, pretending that pirates really existed in the Treasure Island sense, here are four rules to follow when talking like a pirate, and the linguistic facts behind those rules.

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Shakespeare's View of the World

Thu 26 April 2018

Even 402 years after his death, Shakespeare still has much to say on modern issues. Stuart Elden is Professor of Political Theory and Geography at the University of Warwick and is using Shakespeare’s works to further the understanding of one evergreen issue in human geography: Territory.

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A Zoological Education

Fri 16 February 2018

Thinking of taking the children to the zoo? You may come home with the next Sir David Attenborough or Jane Goodall. Research by Dr Eric Jensen, from the Department of Sociology, has shown that a day out at the zoo is more than fun. It can help to boost children's science and conservation education.

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Five things about Women and the Vote

Tue 06 February 2018

This week is the 100th anniversary of The Representation of the People Act of 1918 – making it legal for some women to vote in national elections for the first time. There is no doubt that for every woman – and man – in the UK, this is something to celebrate. But as with all great moments in history it is embedded in a complicated tissue of politics, propaganda and personal stories.

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Sustainability starts with self

Mon 08 January 2018

There are 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for the world to try and reach by 2030. From the day they came into force at the beginning of 2016, it gives us 15 years to sort a few things out. But the things that need sorting out are not small matters – among them are feeding the world, solving social injustice, ending poverty and combatting climate change. Surely big issues like these are jobs for scientists and governments - the average person can’t do much - can they?

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Hurricane: Natural phenomenon. Manmade disaster

Fri 01 September 2017

It’s tropical storm season in the Atlantic. The world has watched as Hurricanes Irma and Maria and their counterpart tropical storms have roared around the Caribbean leaving disaster in their wake. But the devastation these events leave behind have as much to do with humans and history as it does with the actual weather, according to Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins, a sociologist teaching on the University of Warwick’s Global Sustainable Development programme.

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