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Theatre & Performance

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When three worlds collide: choreography, academia and the world of Bridgerton

Fri 02 April 2021

The Netflix series Bridgerton is one of the most-watched television programmes of all time. it tells the story of an imaginary family, in an imaginary world which looks like Georgian England. Dr Heidi Ashton, assistant choreographer for the series, talks about her experience and explains some of the creative processes involved in mashing the modern with the fashions of the period.

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'Such Dignity And a Marvellous Face': Kirsten Flagstad Remembered

Sun 01 July 2012

Best known for her Wagnerian roles, opera singer Kirsten Flagstad was an overnight sensation when she made her debut at the New York Met in 1935. Dr Tim Lockley provides an insight into the modest Norwegian whose husband’s connections with the Nazis would blight her US career, but whose voice continued to captivate audiences, even into her sixties.

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Dickens and Shakespeare

Sun 01 April 2012

One aspect of Dickens's life not especially touched on was his effort to preserve Shakespeare's memory in the playwright's home county of Warwickshire. Dr Charlotte Matheison, Professor Stanley Wells and the Rev. Dr Paul Edmondson explore Dickens's special relationship with Shakespeare's birthplace.

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Art and the City

Mon 01 November 2010

Philosopher Henri Lefebvre predicted that the future of art would not be artistic, but urban. As Dr Nicolas Whybrow asks, how can art not be artistic? In this interview, Dr Whybrow examines how art can shift from inside institutions and onto the city streets.