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Five times we've spent Christmas at the polls

Wed 30 October 2019

Is it wise to mix Christmas festivities with politics? December elections in the UK have traditionally signalled a crisis in politics. Professor Sarah Richardson describes some of the UK's more tumultuous Christmases.

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Prorogation, Brexit and the rule of law

Thu 05 September 2019

Brexit continues to throw light on many practices of the UK’s constitution that often are obscure or not readily understood. Professor John McEldowney from the Department of Law at the University of Warwick casts a lawyer’s eye over what’s going on.

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Five Women Politicians You Should Have Heard of But Probably Haven’t

Mon 19 August 2019

The political landscape in the nineteenth century is generally considered to have been bleak for women who could not vote and were discouraged from participating in public life. Yet, there were many important pioneers campaigning for women’s rights who remain largely unknown but who should be celebrated. Professor Sarah Richardson, expert in women and political culture in late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century, from the University of Warwick, chooses just five.

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The new Long Parliament

Thu 16 May 2019

We have now entered the longest Parliament session, by sitting days, since the English Civil War (1642-51), explains Professor Wyn Grant from PAIS.

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