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A Gourd day for a pumpkin: the health benefits of this over-looked veg

Pumpkins make their appearance every Halloween, swiftly disappearing for the next year, but scientists believe we are over-looking their health benefits.

Tue 24 Oct 2023, 10:19 | Tags: Food, School of Life Sciences, WMS, Diet, Sciences

Olive oil and fresh, sun-ripened plant-based foods: the Mediterranean Diet as a winning combination for health

University of Warwick researcher unravels the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

A researcher from the University of Warwick says that to promote better health within Western societies, it's essential to reshape our food culture. This means moving away from unhealthy, ultra-processed, sugar-laden, and fibre-depleted foods and gravitating towards wholesome, fibre-rich, plant-based foods reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet.

Fri 04 Aug 2023, 13:22 | Tags: Health, diabetes, Diet