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Our Research

Below is a selection of activities our Behaviour, Brain and Society GRP has supported.

Are you working on a project related to Behaviour, Brain and Society? Does your research align to our themes? Get involved and join our research network today.

People outside Warwick Business School

Behavioural Science Summer School

Our GRP supports the WBS Behavioural Science Summer School. The university has hosted the summer school for the last seven years. We invite key speakers to discuss their research with our attendees over four days. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome.

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Warwick Behavioural Insights Team (WBIT) Summit

The aim of the WBIT Behavioural Science summit is to bridge the gap between academics and professionals, public and private sectors. WBIT events provide an opportunity to hear inspiring ideas, form partnerships, and discover new trends in Behavioural Science.

Contact Merle Van Den Akker to find out more. Email: M dot van-Den-Akker at warwick dot ac dot uk

The Sense of Commitment: An integrative framework for modelling commitment

Our GRP has supported several research projects. This project examines how and when people are willing to make and honour commitments. This includes, relying on other's commitments and how we dealt with commitment as children. Dr John Michael is our principal investigator.

Behavioural science research: Gambling

Dr Philip Newall, Mr Ankush Thobhani, Dr Lukasz Walasek and Professor Caroline Meyer's report examined gambling advertising in the 2018 Football World Cup.

'Impulsiveness and urgency: Gambling advertising and the 2018 soccer World Cup'