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Covid-19 Research

COVID has offered us a tremendous opportunity to learn about behaviour in crisis. The research that Warwick has initiated is aimed at helping us prepare for future crisis, understand how forestall future pandemics, and organize human behavior for our collective health and common good.

Professor Nattavudh (Nick)Powdthavee​ 
COVID-19, lockdowns and well-being: Evidence from Google Trends
The case for releasing the young from lockdown: A briefing paper for policy makers

Professor Tobias Preis​ and Professor Suzy Moat
Sensing global tourism numbers with millions of publicly shared online photographs​

Professor Andrew Oswald
Age-Based Policy in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic: How Common are Multi Generational Households?'

Professor Nick Chater
Coronavirus: are psychological biases causing politicians to make bad choices?
People won't get 'tired' of social distancing the government is wrong to suggest otherwise​

Dr Ashley Luckman
Risk compensation during COVID-19: The impact of face mask usage on social distancing

Dr Nicole Tang
Warwick RECOVERS study

Professor Robin Goodwin
Psychological and behavioural responses to covid-19: A China-Britain comparison
Probable anxiety and components of psychological resilience amid COVID-19: A population based study
Full list of Professor Robin Goodwin's research on Covid-19

Dr Lukasz Walasek 
Staying home so you can keep going out: A multiplayer self-isolation game modelling pandemic behaviour

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We would welcome the submission of any articles and publications on the area of COVID-19 and Behavioural Science.
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