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Technician Profile: Jeanette Selby

Jeanette Selby 1170

Jeanette Selby - School of Life Sciences Genomics

Jeanette tells us about her current role and how she began working at Warwick.

What does your role involve?

I currently work in the School of Life Sciences Genomics Facility. My primary role is to manage the day to day running of the facility and carry out work required by researchers within the University and for some external users. Our main area of work is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Other aspects of my role involve reviewing emerging technologies and providing costs for upcoming projects and grant proposals.

When did you join Warwick?

I joined Warwick in 2005 after completing a BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics at The University of Sheffield and then 3 and a half years lab experience at University of Leicester.
Since being at Warwick my role has evolved with the development of the School of Life Sciences and the advances in technology in my field.

What training and development have you received at Warwick?

Any training I have needed to be able to carry out my technical duties has been provided by Warwick, along with the opportunity to develop other in other areas such as computer skills and soft skills, for example communication, leadership and time management.

What are your future plans?

I hope to continue my career here at Warwick with the growth of the University potentially leading to an expansion in my responsibilities.

Anything you would have done differently or advice you would give to others?

I would encourage others to take advantage of any training opportunity provided by the University. You never know how useful new skills will be in the future!