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A flexible space to collect, record and reflect.
Clearly capture achievements and progress, to share.
A personal electronic portfolio for students and staff. Make it your place for collecting together digital content that represents your work, development and capabilities.


  • Multimedia evidence of learning and development
  • Facilitate periodic reflection on work and progress
  • Allow students some individuality and creativity

ePortfolios at Warwick with Mahara

Mahara is a personal electronic portfolio available to all students (and staff) at the University of Warwick.

  • Create a portfolio to continually capture professional and personal development
  • Moodle integration allows use of Mahara progress tracking and for assessment
  • Build and share multimedia to evidence learning journey
  • Capture achievements and progress towards learning goals
  • Identify any gaps or weaknesses to develop further
  • Share evidence of skills and capabilities, including a CV builder
  • Control what, and who you share content with
  • Track and share and submit project progression and reflection
  • Use templates to shape activities and guide students

Example Recipes - How ePortfolios can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1