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Log into Mahara

Type the URL opens in a new window into your web browser.

You will see the Welcome to Mahara at Warwick screen.

Click on the Login to MyPortfolio button on right-hand side. If you are already logged in, you will be taken straight into Mahara.

However, if you are not currently logged in, the Warwick Single Sign-on page will open.

 Mahara uses the same 'single sign-on' details as other Warwick services such as Tabula, email, and web pages.
  1. Type your University username into the Username field, and the associated password into the Password field (these are the same details that you use to access Tabula, departmental web pages and your email). You should also select a time period for the browser to remember your details and to keep you signed in for.
  2. Click Sign in, and if you have not used this browser previously, you will be taken to the Two-factor authentication screen. For more information on this, please visit
  3. Type in the Verification code generated in your App or sent to you via text message, set the period for which you will not be asked for a code on this browser again, and click Sign in.

This will take you to your Mahara Dashboard and you will have successfully accessed Mahara.

Troubleshooting if you are unable to login to Mahara
  • Check that your details are working for or If your login details are not working for other services, you should go to or contact the Help Desk on 024 765 73737 to reset your password.
  • Try a different web browser - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Edge. Sometimes temporary internet files can stop the single sign-on process from redirecting to or authenticating you with Mahara. Contact the Help Desk for assistance with clearing these files.
  • If you are a new starter, you will not be able to access immediately as your details will not have been transferred into Mahara. Try accessing again after 24 hours.


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