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Introduction to artefacts in Mahara

Content in Mahara includes reusable elements such as images, files, video, plans and tasks, journals and entries, and notes created on individual pages. These are referred to as artefacts. Some artefacts can be embedded on pages so that they are fully expanded e.g. PDFs, imges, video and some external media sources such as Youtube and eStream. Others can be downloaded as files.

Artefact types include:

Type of artefact / content

Block type and when to use
  • Text block for short explanatory single-use text on a page.
  • Note block to be able to re-use the text on other pages.
  • Files to download block where the text is contained in Word or PDF files etc.
  • PDF block to embed a PDF into the page
  • Image block to display single images
  • Image Gallery block to display multiple images
  • Files to download block for multiple images that do not need to be displayed
  • Can be added to Journals, Plans, Notes, Forums and Text blocks.
  • Embedded media for small videos uploaded to the Files section
  • External media block for streaming large videos uploaded to eStream or external media from YouTube etc.
  • Files to Download block allows multiple files (images, PDF, MS Office etc) to be downloaded as a zip file
  • PDF block to embed PDF documents into the page
  • Can be added to Journals, Plans, and Forums as attachments
Journal entries
  • Journal - add an entire journal with a specified number of entries visible
  • Journal Entry block(s) - add (any number of) individual entries to a portfolio alongside related materials
  • Recent journal entries - add an automatically updating set of Journal entries
  • Tagged journal entries - add a filtered list of entries matching Tags
Forum posts
  • Forum block(s) - uses Mahara's group discussion tool to embed a group forum
  • Forum post - add a single post related to a section of a portfolio
Task lists
  • Plan - add a plan with a specified number of tasks visible
Personal information
  • Profile information block - select fields from the Profile information page to appear on a portfolio
  • Entire résumé - a quick way to give access to all CV / résumé information
  • One résumé field - choose a field to appear
Blog posts etc.
  • External feed block to embed an automatically updating RSS or ATOM feed
HTML code
  • Some HTML block - paste in HTML code for this to display (cannot be used for whole sites, only single pages or embedded items such as padlets).

The information on this page relates to Mahara 20.04 and was last updated August 2020.


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