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Complaints procedure

The University has a Student Complaints Resolution Pathway to provide a clear route to resolve complaints quickly and effectively; ideally as close as possible to the area in which they arise. The Pathway and associated formal Procedure has three clear internal stages, however you are encouraged to report issues and concerns to your local Warwick Accommodation team in the first instance.

Initial Contact:

Please contact a member of Warwick Accommodation staff in person, by telephone or by email. We aim to resolve your concerns quickly and effectively. The issue will be dealt with by the Manager responsible for the service with which you are dissatisfied.

Stage One: Frontline / Local resolution – this aligns to Stage one below for Warwick Accommodation
Stage Two: Formal Departmental Resolution – resolution and outcome provided by the General Manager, Warwick Accommodation or a nominated person
Stage Three: Formal Institutional Review and Final Resolution

Further information and guidance about the University’s Student Complaints Resolution Pathway is available at These webpages also include links as to how your complaint can be escalated externally to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).

If you are not a student but have a complaint, please do follow Stage one and two below in the first instance. Should you still wish to escalate your complaint, please see the University’s Feedback and Complaints Resolution webpages.

Stage One

Please contact the complaints department by using the online form. Once we have received your complaint, we will seek to reply to you within 20 working University days. If we need more time to investigate your complaint, we will let you know. The Students' Union are also available to offer representation to the University, or advice, if you need it: just contact the Student Advice Centre at .

Please do not use this form to report residential faults, forms for campus and off-campus fault reporting can be found at:

Stage Two

If you are not satisfied with the reply from the Manager, you can request that your formal complaint be considered by the General Manager, Warwick Accommodation, or the nominated person. If you are a student, you should submit your complaint via the University’s Student Complaints Resolution Form online.

You may raise a Stage Two complaint in accordance with the University Complaints Resolution procedure by submitting a Stage Two complaint within 10 University working days of receipt of the stage 1 response.

You will be asked how you endeavoured to resolve your complaint at Stage one, what problems still remain, and your suggested resolution to them. See the Stage Two information available on the University’s complaints resolution webpages to find out more about submitting your complaint and the sources of advice available to you:

Stage Three

If one or more aspects of your complaint remain unresolved, you can consider whether your case meets the criteria for Stage 3 institutional review and final resolution by the University. Please see further information that is available on the University’s complaints resolution webpages to find out more about requesting institutional review at Stage 3 and the sources of advice available to you:

Warwick Accommodation Online complaint form for Stage One complaints