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Sharing a bathroom

Some of our residences on campus have shared bathroom facilities. These facilities do vary across our residences, however they also share many of the same features.

All toilets, shower rooms and bathrooms are lockable units.

All units have separate space aside from the actual shower or bath, so you will be able to undress and dry yourself in this area.

Where there is a bath in Rootes and Claycroft, most have a detachable overhead shower.

There are hooks in the bath and shower rooms for your clothes and towels and some units have towel rails too.

If you are in a flat then the number of people sharing the bathroom is restricted to those within the flat.

Claycroft has a flat layout where two students share a private neighbouring bathroom.

Bedrooms in Cryfield Standard and Rootes have a washbasin in them.

Liquid soap, mirrors and shaving sockets are provided in most areas.

Toilet rolls are provided (with the exception of Claycroft as only two students share a neighbouring bathroom).

​Cleaning provision

Shared bathrooms are cleaned everyday Monday - Friday (with the exception of Claycroft)

Claycroft bathrooms are cleaned once per week as they are only shared between two students

Student tips on sharing a bathroom

Keep all of your shower stuff in a basket to take to and from the bathroom.

Flip flops and a robe are handy for getting to and from the shower or bath.

Toilet rolls are provided but it is always useful to have a spare.

You may want to bring a bathmat as floors can get slippery.

Student testimonials

I have never had to queue to use the bathroom as there are three in my block and I can use any.

Anjula, Rootes

It is a great way to meet people as you are not stuck in your room all the time. I often end up having 10/20 minute conversations on my way to/from the bathroom/kitchen.

Naomi, Tocil

I have possibly had the best year ever, and Cryfield has been a lot of the reason that made it so great. The community feel, which comes from the shared facilities, meant that there has always been someone to chat to or do something with.

Lottie, Cryfield Standard

The bathrooms are cleaned often so they are always in a good condition.

Helen, Cryfield Standard