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Education Group

Education Group

The Education Group (Education Group Structure Chart) is responsible for a critical set of University services supporting the whole student journey comprising the following departments:

Academic Technology

The Academic Technology team supports academic departments in their use of technology to support teaching. We provide advice and support on core tools and we work across the University to develop effective practices in digital learning.

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Education Policy and Quality

The Education Policy and Quality team works on institutional and faculty quality assurance and enhancement activities and projects, and also services institutional and faculty academic governance frameworks.

(PDF Document) Education Policy and Quality Organisation Chart

Student Administrative Services

Student Administrative Services encompasses a wide range of central administration teams, delivering academic student services and supporting students and academic departments at the University.

 (PDF Document) Student Administrative Services Organisation Chart

Student Opportunity

We support students to develop a global perspective, become culturally aware and able to exercise agency and confidence in defining and achieving their vision of career success. We do this through supporting them to engage with a rich and varied range of experiences and opportunities enabling them to achieve their full potential beyond their academic study.

SO Organisation Chart

Senior Careers Consultants' Caseloads

Admissions Service

The Admissions Service is responsible for providing an efficient and responsive admissions service to applicants for programmes of study at all levels, and to internal departments. The Service comprises two sub-teams for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions with each handling C 40,000 applications annually. The Service works closely with academic colleagues on all issues related to admissions. Team members also contribute to University-wide events such as Open Days, enrolment and graduation ceremonies.

PG Structure Chart

UG Structure Chart

Widening Participation & Outreach

Our Team combines passion, creativity and innovation to inspire young minds and maximise their potential, through unique opportunities both in school and on campus. Our work spans many geographical reaches, supporting young people and their parents/carers to make informed decisions on a local, regional and national level. We run a large range of events and activities for young people aged between 9 and 19, targeted at state school education students, students who would be the first in their family to attend university, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students who come from neighbourhoods where there is low progression to higher education.

Student Experience

The Student Experience Division works to support the interests and individual experience of all Warwick students as they progress through their journey at university, cognisant of the diversity of their backgrounds, individual characteristics, needs and preferences. The Division is directly responsible for leading and shaping the student experience of Arrivals and Welcome, and for coordinating a year-round programme of activities promoting relevant extra-curricular learning, enjoyment, integration and friendship for all students.

Student Experience Structure Chart