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Material Information

Material information is that which the average consumer needs, according to the context, to take an informed transactional decision. With respect to students, this includes the length of the course, the fees, which compulsory and optional modules are offered, and so on. It should also include other, non-course-related information that students consider important and is likely to impact on their decision making, such as accommodation options and the availability of funding and support.

When an applicant to undergraduate study is sent an offer of admission (via email), a PDF providing material information for the relevant course is attached to the offer letter. This includes entry requiements, location of study, subject of study, tuition fees and terms and conditions.

Information on 'additional costs' for courses is provided on the University's study web pages, e.g. the cost of mandatory book purchases, and of anything specific to the course, such as a DBS check. In due course, we will be able to pull information that is currently web based into the material information which is sent directly to applicants.