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What has Warwick done to ensure compliance with CMA Guidance?

(a) In September 2015 the University established a Working Group with membership as set out below, which met on a monthly basis and which included representation from academic departments as well as a number of central service areas with a particular remit to take forward compliance with consumer protection legislation. The CMA Working Group was dis-established in 2017, and CMA matters are now under the aegis of the Academic Quality and Standards Committee.

  • Roberta Wooldridge Smith, Deputy Academic Registrar (Chair)
  • Louise Hasler, Academic Registrar’s Office (Secretary)
  • Geraldine Swanton, Shakespeare Martineau (by correspondance from January 2016)
  • Simon Gilling, Legal Services
  • Charlie Hindhaugh, Students’ Union
  • Helen Toner, Law
  • Rebecca Freeman, School of Life Sciences
  • Liz Hough, Head of Admissions
  • Sally Mansell, Deputy Director of SROAS
  • Teng Zhang, Student Finance
  • Paul Cooke, Student Finance
  • Mary Stott, Head of Service Development ITS
  • Ken Punter, University Marketing
  • Jen Bowskill, Teaching Quality

(b) The University’s formal undergraduate student terms and conditions (PDF Document) and postgraduate student terms and conditions   for acceptance of a place on a course of study have been revised and updated.

(c) ‘Material information’ for courses of study has been developed and has been sent out to all candidates made an offer of a place on a course of study since the 2016 cycle.

(d) Information on additional costs has been gathered, and is made available on both internal and external facing web pages.

(e) The University has amended Ordinance 16 which currently couples academic penalties for non-academic debt, which will receive its final reading by the University Council in May 2016.

(f) Work has been undertaken to develop the Student Rights and Responsibilities webpage, providing a user-friendly interface to academic regulation and other provisions governing the student experience, accompanied by information about related sources of information advice and guidance.

(g) The University’s long-standing Good Practice Guide on Information for Students was updated in 2015 in the light of CMA guidance.

(h) Departments may find it useful when considering support for their incoming and continuing students to refer to the document produced by the Induction Working Group entitled Induction: Minimum Requirements for Supporting Transition at Warwick. (PDF Document)

(i) Guidance notes have been developed for staff involved in Open Days.

(j) Additional guidance notes have also been prepared for student ambassadors involved in Open Days.

(k) Departments may wish to refer to the Statement of Good Practice on Higher Education Course Changes and Closures jointly produced by the HEFCE, Guild HE, the Association of Colleges, Study UK, the Independent Universities Group and Universities UK and reminded about procedures for discontinuing courses of study, including necessary planning horizons and good practice in the involvement of students in curriculum change.

(l) Information on consumer protection law was communicated across the University, and a number of generic and bespoke events was provided.

(m) Guidelines for University staff working in marketing  (PDF Document) have been produced.