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Presentations to Colleagues

Presentations from a number of briefings held for staff are available. Please note that work in developing best practice is on going, and any further developments will be publicised through the relevant channels.

7, 8 , 9 December 2016, Window on Warwick for Any Colleague Communicating with Applicants or Students. (Powerpoint Presentation)

29 January 2016, Window on Warwick for Colleagues Working in Teaching and Learning (Powerpoint Presentation)

4 February 2016, Window on Warwick for Colleagues Working in Marketing and Communications. (Powerpoint Presentation)

10 February 2016, Presentation to Directors of Centres for Doctoral Training (Powerpoint Presentation)

23 February 2016, ( Admissions (Powerpoint Presentation) Recruitment (Powerpoint Presentation) ) WoW for Colleagues Working in Admissions and Recruitment