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Course Costs

We now publish, along with an undergraduate applicant's offer letter, the course costs for the next three years of study. Applicants are alerted to the possibility of 'other course costs' and asked to contact the administering department for details.

Information on these other course costs, or 'additional costs' of study, is published under 'Student Rights and Responsiblities' and also Undergraduate Study. Students are provided with specific details of costs that are an essential part of a degree, e.g. a particular field trip, and also with generic information on optional expenditure, such as a period of study abroad - these are published in the module catalogue.

These measures should provide applicants and their stakeholders with the financial information they need in order to make an informed decision regarding where to study.

Departments are encouraged to publish additional course costs in their departmental handbooks. If costs as published under Student Rights and Responsibilities change, please email with updated information.