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Past Events

ITLR Past Events

View details about previous ITLR events, including presentations and recordings of training sessions, and further resources to support you through the review process.

Previous Drop-In Surgeries

In Person

Tuesday 31st January 1:30-2:30 | University House CMR 1.0

Tuesday 7th February 9:00-10:00 | University House CMR1.1

Friday 17th February 2:00-2:45 | University House CMR1.2

For panellists:

Friday 3rd March 11:30-12:15 | University House CMR 1.3

Wednesday 15th March 2:00-2:45 | University House CMR 1.5

For Departmental Leads and Admin Leads:

Tuesday 7th March 2:00-2:45 | University House CMR 1.2

Tuesday 21st March 9:15-10:00 | University House CMR 1.2


Thursday 2nd February 1:30-2:30

Wednesday 8th February 11:30-12:30

Wednesday 15th February 1:30-2:15

For Departmental Leads and Admin Leads:

Monday 27th February 1:45-2:30

Friday 17th March 9:15-10:00

For panellists:

Thursday 9th March 1:15-2:00

Wednesday 22nd March 9:45-10:30

For Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries:

Thursday 6th April 10:30-11:15

Tuesday 11th April 12:30-1:15

Thursday 20th April 3:15-4:00

Monday 24th April 2:00-2:45

Report writing:

Monday 1st June 9:00-9:30

Monday 5th June 3:00-3:30

Thursday 13th June 11:30-12:00

Thursday 22nd June 4:00-4:30

Monday 26th June 3:30-4:00

Tuesday 4th July 12:00-12:30

Thursday 13th July 9:30-10:00

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