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What's Being Reviewed

Title - What's Being Reviewed

The Evaluation Framework will enable the review panels to adopt a consistent approach to exploring, supporting and advising departments. The frameworks for academic departments and professional services cluster reviews will slightly differ, as outlined in the sections below. However, the approach will be structured around the same four areas of focus to support analysis, review and findings to further promote consistency and inform broader ITLR report analyses.

Take a closer look at the Evaluation Framework, which is comprised of four areas of focus:

Baseline Assurance

The ITLR will address both quality assurance and enhancement. In order to do so, we must first assess the extent to which quality is effective and where there are risks to and opportunities to enhance the quality of education, the student learning experience and student support.

Strategic Improvement

Review panels will evaluate departments' plans to deliver continual improvement. With the department or cluster, the panel will consider the effectiveness of these plans and evaluate the extent to which strategic improvement is enabled to strengthen the student learning experience.

Common Themes

The common themes enable departments to come together, collaborate and share best practice in their reviews. Through a series of workshops along with reflections with their review panels, departments will consider: interdisciplinary learning, blended learning, and education for sustainable development. These themes were selected as they align with institutional priorities.

Bespoke Themes

Along with the common themes, departments will identify a bespoke theme, which encompasses an area of strategic interest or value. EPQ will support departments to refine their theme in order to maximise the ITLR's impact on departmental planning and development.