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'Town Hall' meetings on the Review of the Credit and Module Framework

Following a recent presentation to the HoDs Forum, a number of ‘Town Hall’ meetings have been scheduled to enable academic and professional services staff and student representatives to join the early stages of the institutional conversation about the planned review and revision of the University’s credit and module framework.

The sessions will be facilitated by Professor David Lamburn (Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)) and Roberta Wooldridge Smith (Deputy Academic Registrar). They will comprise a brief presentation setting out known challenges created by the complex existing structures in place and create opportunities for debate, enabling colleagues to share their perspectives, identifying both challenges and opportunities presented by the review.

These meetings will complement discussions to be held at formal committees throughout the autumn term and, specifically, engagements with Faculty Boards and their Education Committees in Spring 2019. By these means it is hoped that the scope of the review may be determined and a project plan developed by the conclusion of the current academic year.
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