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Multi-faith Prayer Room

The Multi-faith prayer room is on the ground floor of the Avon building. There is enough floor-space for a few people to pray or meditate at a time, and contains resources from our main faith communities at Warwick. The room also contains seating for 6-8 people and can be booked by Faith Societies to meet (email the Chaplaincy Coordinator to enquire).

Anyone with access to the Avon Building is welcome to use this space for personal prayer and quiet. Please use the viewer in the door to check whether the room is in use before entering.

Garden for Reflection

This is a quiet space tucked between the Arden Conference Centre at WMG's Engineering Management Building (EMB), surrounded by mature trees and incorporating an established pond and ornamental planting. It was created as a place to sit quietly and reflect, to meditate, or just to be surrounded by nature. It is one of many places on campus where we can find a moment of stillness in the business of everyday life.

Garden of reflection location Garden of reflection image Garden for Reflection

Enquire about booking the Multi-Faith Prayer Room

chaplaincy at warwick dot ac dot uk