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Why all event spaces need natural light
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By Sarah Dietrich

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Bad lighting can cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue, to name a few. Protecting the mental health and wellbeing of delegates is one of the most important priorities for event organisers and poor lighting must be avoided. In our latest blog, we take a look at the benefits of natural light and why having windows in meeting rooms can really support your delegates.

The benefits of natural light in the workplace

Mental wellbeing at work continues to be an important subject, particularly during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, office spaces can be overpowered by artificial lighting and when exposed to this for a long time, it can lead to concentration levels dropping. When looking for the perfect meeting or conference room, therefore, taking advantage of premises with lots of natural light should be a top priority.

Let’s take a look at some of the connections between natural light and mental health and how it should play a role when locating your next meeting room.

Increase productivity and focus

We all want our meetings and conferences to be engaging and productive. And while the content is important in encouraging attendance, the hard work could be wasted if the right room is not selected.

Boosting the amount of natural light that delegates are exposed to helps those attending meetings and conferences to focus better. Studies support this, showing those who spent more time in daylight feel more alert. With improved focus and alertness, organisers will notice that those attending these events will be more productive and more willing to take part in future meetings.

Feel more connected

Some of the health benefits of natural light are linked to the fact that humans feel a need to be connected with the natural environment. However, this can be perceived to be a tricky demand to fulfil when it comes to work events. But what if there was a way to make this possible?

The majority of Warwick Conferences venues provide natural light. The Slate, for example, benefits from a spectacular view of the lake. The large floor to ceiling windows can also slide open if required, adding more natural daylight to the event, meaning the beautiful scenery can be admired by delegates up close using the balcony overlooking the expanse of water.

We often receive feedback about how the lake allows individuals to feel connected to nature as they enjoy the natural view and peaceful surroundings. If you haven’t experienced it, we really recommend taking a virtual tour of the facilities.

Encourage engagement

Another one of the many benefits of natural sunlight is that delegates feel more engaged. Studies show that natural light at work leads to people feeling more switched on and willing to collaborate with others. Creating an environment that encourages those within it to work together as a team will be much more beneficial than if no one interacts with each other.

A boost in team working and communication results in better ideas. This means delegates are able to get the most out of the event because they will have had more in-depth discussions with their peers.

Organisers can go one step further than reaping the benefits of exposure to natural light through the number of venue windows. By choosing event spaces that are situated outdoors, they can ensure maximum mental health benefits for delegates thanks to uninterrupted access to natural light. The Woodland Retreat and Haven at Warwick Conferences provides outdoor meeting areas where delegates can enjoy the sun's rays.

Final thoughts

Choosing a meeting room with high levels of natural daylight can increase concentration levels and should be a key consideration when selecting your next venue. When you combine daylight with natural breaks and energising tasks, you will be able to create an environment which puts productivity and the mental health of your delegates first.

Warwick Conferences has a number of options which enhance the levels of natural light you can include in your meeting. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the best way to a brighter event.

Sarah DietrichSarah Dietrich

Sarah has over 20 years in the industry, with many of those with Warwick Conferences. Her expertise lie in building relationships, nurturing key clients and introducing new clients.

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