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Blog: Does the quality of food affect the quality of your meeting?


What would you say is the most important aspect of a quality meeting? The venue, the technology, the session leader? Whilst these are all important, some might say that good food is key to a successful meeting.

Bonding over a delicious meal is one of the best ways to get to know your colleagues. And offering great quality organic food can take that dining experience to the next level.

As well as providing excellent quality and impactful flavour, eating organically creates an environment that nurtures health and increases the well-being of you and your participants.

Here are more reasons why investing in organic eating could improve your meeting.

Added nutrients

Organic fruit and vegetables often contain fewer pesticides and are grown using natural fertilisers.

Due to the absence of conventional sprays, the plant is required to increase its production of antioxidants and vitamins to fight disease and insects naturally, boosting the nutritional value.

All this goodness is then passed on to us when we eat the food, helping to boost brain power, focus and energy levels – perfect for those post-lunch meetings.

Better flavour

Experiencing unique food flavourings can spark new ideas and creativity, giving a renewed outlook to the regular meeting lunch.

We work with local farmers, wherever possible, to source seasonal produce so that our dishes can include ingredients that are picked at their peak and deep in flavour.

Working with key seasonal ingredients offers our chefs a chance to experiment with flavour pairings; which is exciting for them and for your taste buds too.

A memorable experience

Organic ingredients can certainly make a meal stand out. And a good dining experience often lifts team morale and can make staff feel more cared for and valued.

Our award-winning chefs design creative and nutritious menus using organic ingredients wherever possible. We make sure dishes are balanced so that you can choose a light or more indulgent meal, whilst being satisfied by both.

More sustainable

There’s a growing need for companies to take responsibility for their carbon footprint, and choosing organic is the first step towards a more sustainable food system.

We’re proud that all our organically sourced food is accredited by the Soil Association, which ensures the highest possible standards.

And as well as protecting land, organic food contains less preservatives so needs to be transported from farm to table more quickly meaning less travel miles.

Food with a healthy focus

With the rise of healthy eating and the public becoming much more aware of what goes into their food, the request for healthier options is more common than ever.

People are changing their lifestyles to include healthier alternatives and don’t necessarily want that to stop when they’re away from home.

It’s important that we respond to this demand by offering inventive alternatives that are tailored yet still satisfying.

We always ensure that there are plenty of healthy snacks, lighter lunches and allergy-friendly options available for everyone. And our à la carte buffet also ensures you can select your own portion sizes when selecting your meal.

Organic eating with us

Participants attending a meeting or event at Warwick Conferences can look forward to a diverse food offering that supports productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

Choose from a range of antioxidant-rich dried fruits and brain-boosting nuts at our snack bar. Or try our locally-sourced meats, fresh vegetables and beautifully presented puddings in our restaurant.

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