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Blog: The impact of creative spaces - The Kitchen

kitchen space

Almost every aspect of a meeting space taps into the sensory awareness of delegates.

Whether it's the sight of the aesthetics and lighting, the smell of the space, or the touch of the furnishings. Due to the tangible nature of our product, we recognise that our learning and training environments must do much more than just satisfy the numbers of a training cohort.

With evidence to support that the physical characteristics of the environment can affect the learner emotionally, we have created three creative spaces that have been designed to respond to the fundamental concepts that play within the role of environmental psychology.

Bringing you the heart of the home

Our Kitchen space is a prime exemplification of this. As the heart of the home, there's no question that there's a comforting affiliation with the kitchen.

That's why this creative learning space provides an ideal setting for the practice of synergetic learning sessions and collaborative working sessions.

delegate in kitchen meeting space

It's a common fact that some of the most captivating conversations can occur around the kitchen table. Therefore by stimulating a home-from-home environment that is equipped with the same utilities you would find in the family kitchen, the results of the 'Place Attachment' theory really comes to life through the dynamics of the learners.

The main features of the space include a fridge that can be stocked with the team's favourite snacks, a sink, and an endless supply of tea and coffee made from the group's very own kettle.

Kettles, cookies and collaboration

For trainers looking to break down boundaries between their groups, we've recognised the informality and laid-back ambiance this space creates, urges learners to think differently and relax into the session almost instantly.

We're sure many of you would never imagine a trainee asking the trainer to flick the kettle on.

But it is this reversed role of dynamics which the programmes receive the benefit of a memorable and engaging experience. We can even implement our cookie making machine into these spaces. This not only injects fun and personality into the distraction - but the smell that transmits from the dough is warming and homely.

Small touches like this is what fosters the levels of collaboration within the spaces.

kitchen spaces

Enhancing the impact of your activities

Aspects like the cookie machine and the fridge are what infiltrates into the delegates' subconscious on that day, and then evokes memories of the experience later on.

Whilst you might be thinking, "I don't want my learners to only remember the cookies and not the plenary", the fun facets that act as the stimuli to the spaces, are what enhances the impact of the educational activities that take place within the rooms.

This is what attains the human relationships within L&D programmes, and are what are key to the welfare, achievements and mastery of the group receiving the learning and training.

Food without the disruption

As food is a significant stakeholder in any kitchen, we ensure that we further enhance the unique environment with an innovative menu, reflective of the ethos that lies behind the creative space.

In addition to offering the staple buffet menu, we have also devised an alternative take-away menu suitable for the programme delivery this room attracts. This involves guests being able to order their favourite cuisine of take-out to the room, adapting their workshop classroom into a relaxed break-out for lunch.

cutlery doodle

This not only is another effective way of personalising the menu and overall experience to the needs of the delegate, but it has been stated to reduce the disruption and flow of programme from leaving the room for a restaurant lunch, whilst reinstating the laid-back dynamics of the atmosphere within the room.

The IACC Meeting Room of the Future reports that 9/10 delegates consider food and beverage as a key part of the meeting design and experience.

More to come...

Our next blog will take a look at another of our creative spaces; The Studio Space.

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