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Your Intervention Stories

A bystander is someone who witnesses unacceptable behaviour (behaviour that is contrary to our community values).

An active bystander is someone who intervenes; to de-escalate the situation, ensure the safety of those present, and/or challenge unacceptable attitudes and behaviours.

We'd love to hear some of your experiences with intervening in response to unacceptable behaviour. How did you (or others) de-escalate the situation, keep someone safe, and/or challenge someone's belief, attitude, or behaviour?

We are capturing these experiences to build up a picture of the types of positive interventions being carried out by students. A positive intervention can be something small, but that made a difference. We may share the general themes that are captured here with other staff and students as part of our work in promoting positive active bystander principles, but we won't share any exact experiences.

We don't ask for your name and we won't know it's you who has submitted anything. You don't have to share any identifying details.

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