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CVEP working with other teams

How we collaborate with other teams

As the Community Values Education Programme (CVEP), we often work with other teams and departments within the University to co-create and deliver additional resources and activities for students and staff. You can find some of our current and previous collaborative work featured on this page.

We welcome discussions about potential new collaborations and projects. Please email us at We ae also happy to support other values-based projects at the University and share learning, as well as promote other relevant activities to our students.

Previous highlights

Training Warwick students who work as Welcome Ambassadors

We delivered training in managing questions about Warwick Values during welcome tours and open days and how to feel confident in addressing challenging questions. We also raised awareness of several internal initiatives that aim to improve inclusivity and create a more welcoming culture at Warwick, so Ambassadors could share details with parents and prospective students. This training was supported by the Warwick Welcome Service.

Text-message based micro-course on addressing racism (pilot)

Students were invited to evaluate a micro-course on addressing racism. The course was delivered via a set of short, daily text-messages over the course of one week. Students supported the delivery format and found it engaging. They reported gaining a broad understanding of the topic. This pilot was in collaboration with the Social Inclusion team.

The language of Active Bystander workshop

Delivered with the department of Applied Linguistics, students were invited to explore the language and terms used within the Active Bystander approach and co-create scenarios for the Maskulinities project workshop series.

Virtual reality enhanced Active Bystander session

Warwick Medical School (WMS) invited us to help deliver this half-day workshop with year 2 medical students which explored application of the Active Bystander approach using virtual reality.

Kindness on Campus awards

We previously ran the Kindness on Campus awards in 2021 and 2022 to celebrate small acts of kindness in the community. Warwick staff and students are encouraged to nominate via the Warwick Wonders and Wows system to recognise each other.

Upcoming collaborations

We have a number of new collaborations in the pipeline. Follow our News and Events updates for new details.

Explore other CVEP projects

UniSafe project

CVEP was selected as the UK case study for the European wide UniSafe project. UniSAFE is an EU-funded project that aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment (GBV) in research performing organisations (RPOs), and to translate this knowledge into operational tools for higher education, research organisations and policymakers. There is a final report, along with several resources, on the UniSafe webpages.