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Resources for staff

Activities to explore Warwick values in academic induction

Staff can access this activities toolkit to use with incoming students during Welcome Week to explore Warwick values. Activities are designed to be facilitated by staff within the department.

Introduction to Active Bystander workshops for students

Invited colleagues should use this form to plan their department's Introduction to Active Bystander workshop for incoming students during 2021/22 Welcome Week and Term 1.

Say My Name project

We are developing an important new initiative to help us get each other’s names right. As simple as that may sound, it is usually much more complicated in practice. Find out more.

Signposting to / accessing support services

This information sheet includes support services for people who may be experiencing, or have experienced, sexual violence or abuse.

This list of local support services covers a wide range of issues, including drug and alcohol recovery, domestic abuse, mental health crises, homelessness, and housing support.

Wider university initiatives and support for students

Use this Padlet to identify opportunities for your students to engage with efforts to tackle sexual violence and abuse, hate and harassment, and other harmful behaviours, as well as efforts more broadly to build a safer, more inclusive University community.

Collaboration opportunities

We welcome collaboration and joint-working where our goals align, contact us.

Stay in touch

Join our mailing list to be alerted about future CVEP opportunities, new resources, events, and activities.