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Active Bystander Champions

Thank-you for completing the Active Bystander Intervention course.

The course supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, effective interventions. The more students complete the course, the more active bystanders and safe, effective interventions there will be within our community.

Having completed the course you're in an ideal position to help other students recognise the value of the course and wider active bystander intervention initiatives at the University.

Are you willing to become an Active Bystander Champion?

What Champions do

Student champion activities are varied and flexible, driven by the interests of individual champions.

They might include one or more of:

  • co-creating educational resources for students with the wider CVEP team,
  • hosting an event or pop-up activity on campus,
  • creating a blog, podcast, or video,
  • co-presenting information about active bystander activities at a conference or meeting.

How to become a Champion

If you are interested in becoming a Champion please complete this expression of interest form or contact the Community Values Education Programme team via