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Equality Monitoring: Why Share Your Personal Information?

All staff are encouraged to regularly review their personal information on SuccessFactors and ensure it is up-to-date (see how to update your personal record below).

When we talk about 'personal information' we mean your personal and protected characteristics (as defined by the Equality Act), such as disability, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

We know that people don't always understand the relevance of this information to us as an employer, or aren't sure of the safety of providing an answer. We hope this page will answer some common questions about what we want to know and why. You can also find this information in our booklet 'Why Share Your Personal Information?' .

If you are looking for information on equality monitoring and can't find what you need here, contact us and let us know.


Four Good Reasons for Updating Your Personal Record


It's quick easy and private

All staff can update their own record on SuccessFactors (see how to update your personal record below).

Sensitive questions include a 'prefer not to say' option.

Access to information on SuccessFactors is tightly controlled - only a limited number of staff in HR roles can view your personal information, only where it is a necessary part of their job, and they will treat it with the strictest confidence. Updating your personal details doesn’t automatically notify anyone (including HR).

Information about protected characteristics is used to generate anonymised and aggregated statistics. We do not share, report, or publish personal information in a form which would allow individuals to be identified.


To obtain workplace adjustments

Under the Equality Act 2010, all public bodies - including the University - must provide reasonable adjustments or aids to disabled people - this includes staff with long-term health conditions, and anyone with a temporary disability (such as a broken leg requiring use of crutches).

My Adjustment Passport has been established to support staff to have conversations with their line managers about changes to working locations or practices, or any additional equipment required.


So we can evaluate our ED&I work

We are making changes to policies and practices and running a number of initiatives, many with the intention to increase the diversity of staff at Warwick. In order to assess whether or not it's working, we need to know how diverse our staff are.

Sharing your personal information will help us see where we're doing well, and where we still have work to do.

We report staff data on protected characteristics in our Equality Monitoring Annual Report, so you can see the results for yourself.


So we can be proactive in our ED&I work

The more information we have about our staff, the more we can anticipate community needs and proactively update our policies, process, and resources available. Whether it be provision of hearing loops or gender-neutral toilets, knowing who our community are and what they need will help us prioritise the work we need to do.

More detailed data will also allow us to do more intersectional work - considering the needs of staff with more than one personal or protected characteristic. This is difficult to do unless a large number of staff have provided their personal information, e.g. low declaration rates mean that individuals could be identified if the data were to be published.

How to Update Your Personal Record

All staff can update their personal information on SuccessFactors in six simple steps:

  • Open SuccessFactors.
  • Select the 'My Profile' tile.
  • Click the pencil next to 'Personal Information'.
  • Select from a drop-down list of options for all questions.
  • Click 'Save' at the bottom of the section.
  • Click 'Proceed' on the pop-up window.

You can find more detailed instructions on the SuccessFactors webpages.