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Working Parents' Network

Working Parents Network - All Working Parents and PhD Students welcome

Warwick Family fun day

  • Would you like to attend regular meetings and have the opportunity to meet other working parents here at the university?
  • Would you like to join a network to meet expectant parents, new parents, parents with older childen or those due to go on parental leave?
  • If so please complete the form here to join the network, the network is open to all members of staff and PhD students.

Warwick Family Fun Day, Image used in the Diversity Calendar 2015/16

If you would like to join the Working Parents Network, please join the distribution list here.

Buddy Scheme - Are you new to Warwick or new to the Working Parents' Network?

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Ensure new members of staff do not have the daunting experience of signing up to a Network and then having to arrive to meetings/events unaccompanied.
  • Enable new members of staff or existing staff to have an opportunity to meet other members of the Network outside of meetings.
  • Provide members of staff with someone to talk to and/or accompany to network meetings/events.

If you would like to be paired up with a buddy please complete this form.

Meeting dates for academic year 2018/19:

Term 3
Monday 10 June
1 - 2pm
B2.02, Science Concourse

Why attend a meeting.....

At our meetings, as well as finding out how people are doing managing the transition back to work and the challenges of being a working parent, we'll be asking for your suggestions for improvements to the experience of going on maternity/paternity leave, returning to work after parental leave and managing the work/life balance.

This friendly and supportive group has been set up by parents for all working parents and is supported by the D&I team. Please feel free to bring your lunch!

‘I returned to work full-time when my son was 6 months old and it was a challenging and emotional time. As well as adjusting to not being with my baby every day and overcoming the feelings this caused, I was trying to pick up where I’d left off at work and absorb all the changes that had happened. It was a lot to juggle, my confidence hit rock bottom professionally and it took a long time before I started to regain some confidence. It really helped to have the opportunity to talk to other people who were going through the same, as well as those that had already been through it and could provide valuable help and advice.’ Parent of a 2 year old.

”Having a baby rocks your world and it can be hard to manage both your own and others’ expectations about how you will juggle your family and career. I would have found it very helpful to talk through some of the very difficult decisions and transitions you have to make, in confidence and with someone who had already been through it.” Parent of a 17-month-old.

“Having been out of the world of work for over 10 months, I was nervous about coming back. I knew that my children would be ok and settled in nursery, but I felt that I had lost a lot of self-confidence in a professional sense. I was afraid to mention this to anyone at work as I didn’t want them to lose confidence in me. Therefore, I felt a bit of a fraud for a good few months as I ‘pretended’ to still be good at my job whilst I frantically tried to catch up with what I had missed. I know it would have helped to talk to peers about this completely reasonable way of feeling.” Parent of a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old.