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Work to start on new residences

On Monday 5 February, we will start work on site to create the new residences at Cryfield Village. When complete, these will essentially be a miniature village on campus - a series of townhouse-style apartments and studios with a hub in the centre.

The first section of the work will involve clearing the site to prepare it for the construction. Part of this will be removing some trees, but we will fully replace every tree removed as part of the project, and will complete the project with almost double the number of trees currently present on the site.

The landscaping aspect of the project has been designed to fit with the rural greenery that surrounds the Warwickshire side of campus, and will feature a broad and diverse range of trees native to the local area. Species of trees and hedges that provide natural habitats to local bats, small mammals and other wildlife will be a key feature.

These residences will replace the existing Redfern residences. They will offer more accommodation than the buildings they replaced, helping to address the growing demand for on-campus accommodation, and to support the University's longer-term growth.

For more information on all the developments happening right now on campus, or planned for the future, see

Concept art for the new residences at Cryfield Village

Concept art for the new residences at Cryfield Village