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Four big things from your campus: have your say

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give feedback on the future of campus either at one of our consultation events, or via the HearNow poll. The online poll alone had over 1,200 responses. There were a whole range of views and ideas submitted on how staff and students would like to see the campus develop. These were the four clearest themes of all:

1. You love the green space.

Over 50% of you mentioned this specifically. You love the trees, grassy areas and wildlife that we have around campus. You’d like us to preserve what we already have, and to make green space a key consideration in our ongoing development of campus. We want to create an active campus that supports your health and wellbeing, and we understand the major role that green space plays in this.

2. You’d like more study space.

This was a particularly common theme amongst student responders. You’d like more space on campus to study, and a significant number of you made it clear that you’d like to see this in one dedicated place if possible.

3. You’d like to see us enhance or replace our existing buildings.

There were many calls to do this, particularly in the Library Road area where some of the oldest buildings on campus are located. The good news is that we’re already moving towards this, with planning due to be submitted for a new Faculty of Arts Building and Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building and an overhaul of the Arts Centre underway right now.

4. You’d like us to improve car parking and transport.

We’re already working on this, investing in better public transport links and cycling facilities, looking to improve wayfinding on campus, starting on the Kirby Corner Car Park project, and proposing plans to build a new multi-storey car park at Gibbet Hill. This theme will require collaboration with stakeholders across the entire region, which is already a key priority.

Other feedback

We received lots of other feedback in addition to these most common themes, and we aim to address as much of what we heard as we can. As well as carrying out the online poll and drop-in events, we’ve been out to individual faculties to talk to key contacts there and understand the specific needs facing different areas of the University.

What next?

The summary of your feedback will be shared (anonymised) with the University’s planning consultants BDP and used to inform the next stages of creating a new masterplan for campus. You’ll hear more about this and have other opportunities to contribute in the coming months.

Our Hybrid Planning Application, which we also consulted on recently, is due to be submitted shortly. As well as some of the previously mentioned planned developments, there are sections that include improvements to our public/green spaces, cycle and pedestrian routes and car parking. We’ll keep you up to date as these projects progress.