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53 new trees planted near NAIC

Photo of the team next to a freshly planted tree

We've planted 53 new trees next to the National Automotive Innovation Centre, replacing those we lost during the construction of the project.

When we started work on the NAIC project, we needed to connect this new campus research facility to the nearby energy-efficient combined heating and power plant. Unfortunately that meant we had to clear some trees.

Photo of gardener at work planting a tree

Members of the Estates Environmental Group turned out to help the gardeners with planting the trees, which included 20 silver birches, 3 tulip trees, 5 alder trees, 10 European larches and 15 red cedars.

You can find out more about the NAIC, and all of the other projects we’re working on right now and have planned at:


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Photo of young tree tied to its stake
We use bio-degradable ties on new trees to avoid polluting the local area or creating unnecessary waste.
Picture of young trees
The Latin names for the trees we planted are: Betula pendula, Liriodendron tulipifera, Alnus glutinosa 'Laciniata', Larix decidua and Thuja plicata 'Coles variety'.
Photo of the team working to plant the trees
These aren't the only trees we've planted this academic year - we've added 93 new trees to campus since October.
Photo showing the trees from the NAIC side of the water feature
When fully grown, the trees will complete the line next to the NAIC.