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Giant beams installed at Sport and Wellness Hub site

Photo of crane holding European Spruce beam in front of Sport and Wellness Hub site

5 huge European Spruce wood beams have travelled hundreds of miles from Austria to campus to form part of the roof for our new Sport and Wellness Hub.

The beams are all responsibly sourced. Each one weighs in at 9.4 tonnes (the same as about 7 average cars), stretching to 34m in length.

Photo of construction worker guiding a beam into place

They will sit above the swimming pool once the Hub is complete – an extension of the beautiful woodland you will be able to see from the windows there.

You can find out more about the Sport and Wellness Hub, and all of the other projects we’re working on right now and have planned at:


Click/tap for larger images:

Photo of the crane in action
To lift heavy beams you need an even heavier machine - this mobile crane weighs 220 tonnes.
Concept art showing the beams in place
This bit of concept art from our architects shows how the beams will look when the Hub is completed.
Photo of the beams from above
When it's not being a beam in our Sport and Wellness Hub, the European Spruce may well be in your living room as a Christmas tree.
Photo showing the length of the beam
At 34m metres, the beams are about 1/3 of a football pitch long.