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The Portering team has diverse responsibilities across the campus, including making deliveries, removing items, relocating objects, and providing assistance with various tasks.

Moving Items

We're here to help. If you need Portering assistance, please see our section in the Estates Service CentreLink opens in a new window page and we'll do our best to accommodate any jobs suited to our small team.

Current operating hours:

08:15 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

We kindly request that you provide ample notice whenever possible. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the work within our schedule.

Deliveries and Collections

Porters handle the delivery and collection of various items across the campus. This can include mail, packages, equipment, supplies, and documents.

Room Setups

Porters assist with setting up rooms for various events and activities, such as lectures, conferences, meetings, and examinations. This may involve arranging furniture, ensuring the room is ready for use.

Furniture and Equipment Moves

Porters assist in moving furniture, equipment, and other items between different locations on campus. This could involve relocating office furniture, classroom equipment, or assisting with the setup of special events.

Assistance and Support

Porters often provide assistance and support to students, staff, and visitors. This can involve answering queries, providing directions, offering general campus information, and being a point of contact for various inquiries.

Event Support

Porters may assist with the logistics and coordination of events held on campus. This could include helping with event setup, managing crowd control, providing assistance to event organisers and attendees, and ensuring smooth operations during the event.

Health and Safety

Porters contribute to maintaining a safe environment on campus by identifying and reporting potential hazards.

Multi choice exam paper


University porters play a significant role in the setup of exam venues during examination periods. Their responsibilities encompass various tasks to ensure that exam venues are prepared and organised effectively.

Furniture and Equipment Arrangement

Porters transport and arrange desks and chairs, in the exam venue according to the required seating plan. They ensure that the layout is conducive to the smooth conduct of exams and that each candidate has a suitable workspace.

Exam Materials Distribution

Porters collate and distribute exam materials, answer booklets, and any additional resources required by the candidates. They ensure that the correct materials are allocated to the respective candidates.

Room Setup

Porters help in setting up the exam room by installing clocks and numbering tables. This helps candidates easily locate their designated seats and follow the necessary guidelines.

Scale of Task

Our team is responsible for collating and setting out, approximately, the following volume of materials:

25,000 watch bags
25,000 phone bags
25,000 attendance slips
40,500 exam reading and writing materials
Total: ~115,500 items

Additionally, we set up the exam venues, which include transporting desks and chairs as needed:

Total: ~1,240 desks and ~1,240 chair.

Porters in their graduation suits


The Portering team plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and organised environment during graduation ceremonies at the university. They assist with ticket verification, direct guests to the appropriate locations, provide assistance to those in need, maintain a safe and respectful atmosphere, and ensure a smooth flow of people throughout the event. Their professional approach and attention to detail contribute significantly to the success of the graduation experience.

Porters ready for graduation duties

The procession serves as a symbolic representation of the university's rich traditions, academic excellence, and the collective accomplishments of its community. It contributes to the sense of pride, unity, and celebration within the university and creates a memorable experience for participants and attendees alike.

Leading the procession
minibus driver


Our department also provides drivers, this service allows departments within the university to utilise the expertise of our skilled drivers for various off-campus excursions. Whether it's transporting faculty and staff to conferences, students on field trips, or supporting departmental events, our dedicated team of drivers ensures safe and reliable transportation. By offering this service, we aim to facilitate smooth logistics for departments, enhance their mobility options, and contribute to the overall efficiency of their activities beyond the campus.