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1.7 Research Centres Constitutions

As part of the University’s Strategy ‘Excellence with Purpose’, the University supports the establishment of centres of excellence or Research Centres, which add value to Warwick’s Research.

The following pages list the University’s Research Centres by Faculty and Category. These have been approved by Senate, via the Research Committee in consultation with the relevant Faculty Board(s). The pages detail the current Research Centre Directors and Constitutions. The constitution of a University Research Centre outlines its aims, membership and details of the Director, Executive/Management Committee and the Advisory Board where applicable.

Research Centre can be categorised as follows:

  • Category I: Independent University Research Centres – these Centres operate under their own cost-code and are subject to oversight by the Academic Resourcing Committee. They are not listed here but under the academic department structure;
  • Category II: Substantive University Research Centres – these Centres may be interdisciplinary and have some autonomy i.e. they can apply for research grants in the Centre’s name;
  • Category III: University Departmental Research Centres – these Centres are located within a ‘parent’ academic department and are dependent upon that department; the Head of Department is formally responsible for these Centres.

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences

Cross Faculty