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1.8 The Senate and its Committees

The Senate

Membership 2015/16

Ex Officio Members


The Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Stuart Croft

The Provost

Professor Tim Jones

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor Andrew Coats
Professor Christina Hughes
Professor Jan Palmowski
Professor Pam Thomas
Professor Lawrence Young
Professor Simon Swain


The Librarian


Mr Robin Green

The Chairs of the Boards of the Faculties
Social Sciences

Professor Simon Gilson
Professor Peter Winstanley
Professor Mike Shipman
Professor Christopher Hughes

The holders of such other posts, including persons charged with the welfare of students, as the Senate may from time to time determine.


The Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies Professor Jan Palmowski



Appointed Members


Twenty-four members of the academic staff, appointed by the Boards of the Faculties



Professor Daniel Branch (History) (2017)
Professor David Morley (English and Comparative Literary Studies) (2017)
Professor Maureen Freely (English and Comparative Literary Studies) (2018)
Professor Penny Roberts (History) (2018)
Dr Nicholas Whybrow (School of Theatre Studies) (2018)
Professor Sean Hand (School of Modern Languages and Cultures) (2017)


Professor Mohan Balasubramanian (Warwick Medical School) (2018)
Professor Jane Barlow (Warwick Medical School) (2018)
Dr Geraldine Hartshorne (Warwick Medical School) (2018)
Professor Sudhesh Kumar (Warwick Medical School) (2017)
Professor Lesley Roberts (Warwick Medical School) (2017)Professor Kate Seers (Warwick Medical School) (2018)


Professor David Leadley (Physics) (2018)
Professor Laura Green (Life Sciences) (2016)
Professor Stephen Jarvis (Computer Science) (2016)
Professor Alison Rodger (Chemistry) (2017)
Professor Colin Sparrow (Mathematics) (2016)
Professor Nigel Stocks (Engineering) (2016)

Social Sciences

Professor Geoff Lindsay (Institute of Education) (2017)
Professor Abhinay Muthoo (Economics) (2018)
Professor Alan Norrie (School of Law) (2017)
Professor John Solomos (Sociology) (2018)
Professor Andrew Reeve (Politics and International Studies) (2017)
Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey (Centre for Applied Linguistics) (2018)

Six members appointed by the Assembly, of whom not more than two shall be Professors

Professor Aileen Clarke (Warwick Medical School) (2016)
Mrs Kate Hughes (External Affairs) (2017)
Professor Saul Jacka (Statistics) (2016)
Dr Cathia Jenainati (English and Comparative Literary Studies) (2016)
Miss Mia Khan (Teaching Quality) (2017)
Mrs Shirley Crookes (Head of Student Support) (2018)

Student Members


The President of the Students' Union

Mr Isaac Leigh (2016)

Two registered students of the University elected by registered students of the University

Mr Charlie Hindhaugh (2016)
Mr Nat Panda (2016)



(The year after a member’s name indicates that his or her term of office expires on 31 July of that year.)

Senate Committees