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Assembly - May 2017

Meeting of the Assembly to be held on 12 May

The Vice-Chancellor has called a meeting of the Assembly of the University to take place on Friday, 12 May 2017 from 10:30 to 11:30am in Oculus OC1.05.

This meeting has been requisitioned by members of the Assembly, in accordance with Statute 20, to consider a motion on Reforming the University of Warwick’s Employment Statute (Statute 24).

Agenda and Motion

The agenda for the meeting, along with the full details of the motion, and a list of the proposers, can be downloaded here:

Assembly Agenda

Motion: Reforming the University of Warwick's Employment Statute (Statute 24)

Signatories to the motion

Standing Orders of the Assembly

Who can attend?

As outlined in more detail below, membership of the Assembly extends to all staff employed on academic, research-only and teaching-only terms and conditions, and to all staff employed on level 6-9 terms and conditions.
On this occasion, however, recognising that the proposed reform of Statute 24 would impact primarily on academic staff, and in accordance with the request of those members of the Assembly who have requisitioned the meeting, it is proposed that attendance at the meeting to be held on 12 May 2017 be restricted to academic members of staff only*.

All those who wish to attend are requested to Register Online no later than Wednesday 10 May.

*This includes staff on teaching & research only contracts.

On the day

Attendees are requested to arrive at the Oculus Foyer to register from 10:00am. Where possible, we would appreciate it if you are able to arrive to register in good time, to help ensure that everyone is seated prior to the start of the meeting.

Given the position of the Assembly in the University Statute, all those attending the meeting will be asked to present their University card on arrival at the meeting to facilitate the accurate recording of attendance and membership for the purposes of establishing quoracy, in accordance with the requirements of the Standing Orders of the Assembly.

About the Assembly

Charter 15 defines the Assembly of the University as a meeting of members of the academic staff of the University. In line with Charter 16, subject to the provisions of the Charter, Statutes may prescribe the constitution, powers, duties and functions (as the case may be) of the Council, the Senate, the Faculties, the Boards of the Faculties, the Sub-Faculties, the Departments, the Assembly, and such other bodies as may be established.
Statute 20 defines the constitution of the Assembly as follows:

(1) There shall be an Assembly of the University consisting of:

  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellors
  • The Professors, Registrar, Readers and other members of the academic staff
  • The holders of such other academic, research and administrative posts as may be designated by the Senate
  • Such other members of the University as may be nominated by the Senate

The Senate, at its meeting of 26 January 2011, approved the following rules for membership of the Assembly, amended to reflect current employment legislation and harmonised terms and conditions, as set out in paper S.22/10-11 (minute 38/10-11 refers):

  • (a) All staff employed on Academic, Research only and Teaching only terms and conditions shall become members of the Assembly from the date of their appointment.
  • (b) All staff employed on level 6-9 terms and conditions shall become members of the Assembly from the date of their appointment

The Standing Orders of the Assembly can be found here.