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Board of the Faculty of Arts

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Membership 2017/18


Professor Penny Roberts

Deputy Chair

Dr Helen Wheatley

The Vice-Chancellor and President (ex officio)

Professor Stuart Croft

The Head and one other member of academic staff elected by and from each of the Departments of:

Professor Maureen Freely (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Dr Teresa Grant (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Professor Daniel Branch (History)

Professor Mark Philp (History)

Professor Alison Cooley (Classics)

Dr Suzanne Frey-Kupper (Classics (Term 1))

Dr David Fearn (Classics (Terms 2 & 3)

Professor Paul Smith (History of Art)

Dr Jenny Alexander (History of Art)

Professor Andy Lavender (School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural & Media Policy Studies)

Dr Tim White (School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies)

Professor Catherine Constable (Film and Television Studies)

Dr Rachel Moseley (Film and Television Studies)

Professor Cathia Jenainati (School for Cross-Faculty Studies)

Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper (School for Cross-Faculty Studies

The Head and three other members of staff elected by and from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Dr Fabio Camilletti

Dr Douglas Morrey

Dr Christine Achinger

The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Faculty Education Committee of the Board of the Faculty of Arts:

Chair - Professor Penny Roberts (Terms 1 & 2), Dr Joanne Lee (Term 1) and Dr Sarah Richardson (Term 3 onwards)

Deputy Chair - Dr Oliver Davis (Term 2 onwards) and Dr Jenny Burns (Term 3 onwards)

One member of academic staff elected by and from the Department of Philosophy

Dr Eileen John

Director, ex-officio, of the Language Centre

Evan Stewart

Three members of academic staff, one to be elected by and from the other three Boards of the Faculties:

Dr Catherine Bennett (Medicine)

Professor Laura Green (Science)

Dr Eileen John (Social Sciences)

Up to three co-opted members, being members of academic staff subject to the approval of the Senate

Dr Jenny Burns

Dr Christopher Bilton

Professor Seán Hand

Three student members, one of whom shall be a registered undergraduate student, one who shall be a registered postgraduate taught student of the University, and one who shall be a registered postgraduate research student of the University

Daisy Richards (Postgraduate)

Jorun Bork (Undergraduate)

Faculty Senior Tutor (in attendance, ex-officio)

Dr Fiona Anderson-Gough

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Terms of Reference

(1) To regulate, subject to these Statutes and the Ordinances and Regulations and to review by the Senate, the teaching, research, curricula and examinations in the subjects prescribed for the Faculty.

(2) To recommend to the Senate examiners for appointment.

(3) To make recommendations to the Senate for the award of Degrees (other than Honorary Degrees), Diplomas, Certificates and other distinctions in the subjects prescribed for the Faculty.

(4) To recommend to the Senate Sub-Faculties and Departments to be constituted by the Council.

(5) To delegate to the Sub-Faculties such matters as are deemed appropriate.

(6) To appoint members of the Board of the Faculty to be members of the Senate as provided for under Statute 15.

(7) To discharge such other functions as the Senate may from time to time determine.

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Reporting Structure

The Board of the Faculty of Arts reports to the Senate, both directly and via the Academic Quality and Standards Committee.

The Board receives reports from its Faculty Education Committee, First Year Board of Examiners and Degree Review Panels.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Clair Henrywood, Assistant Registrar (Teaching and Learning) (ext: 51619)
Assistant Secretaries:
UG: Claire Glover, Undergraduate Admissions Officer (Student Admissions and Recruitment)
(ext: 74052)

Correspondence should be sent to [artsboard at warwick dot ac dot uk]

Papers for consideration by the Board of the Faculty of Arts should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

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Dates of meetings of the Board of the Faculty of Arts can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

Click here to access minutes of previous meetings.

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