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Departmental Space Reviews

Departmental Space Reviews (DSRs) were introduced for the 2005-06 academic year.  They are periodic assessments of a Department’s space, which are undertaken by the Accommodation Review Group members and the Chair of the appropriate Faculty.  DSRs aim to assess and audit the utilisation of space, consider issues regarding fitness for purpose for teaching and research, to identify future demands and priorities for space and to ensure that allocations have been made in line with the University’s strategic priorities, especially those evinced in the mission statement and corporate plan.  2-3 weeks prior to the review taking place the department being considered will be sent the following information:

  • A Space by Department MS Excel report from the estates database which provides a schedule and description of all rooms allocated to the department (this will be sent by email);
  • Plans of the space it occupies;
  • A department space analysis report;
  • Current and historical data for the last 4-5 years on student enrolments taken from the academic statistics;
  • Current and historical data for the last 4-5 years on staff numbers;
  • Current and historical data for the last 4-5 years on research income;
  • The last Departmental Forward Look statement returned to Academic Resourcing Committee.
  • A Department Space Review Questionnaire to complete (this will be sent by email);
  • The report from the last review of the department, if applicable.

The Department will also be asked to provide data on usage of locally controlled teaching rooms for one academic year, preferably the current or last year.

Following the review, a report will be drafted by the Secretary to the Review Group which will subsequently be considered by the ARG. Following its approval a copy will be sent to the department for comment. The Department’s response will then be considered by the ARG. Thereafter the objective is that any conclusions arising from the review shall be addressed by the relevant party, i.e. the department or the ARG. Issues of strategic significance would need to be conveyed to the appropriate University decision making body.


Any queries regarding DSRs should be directed to:

Becky Lees, Senior Assistant Registrar,, ext. 22634 or

Becs Lambert, Assistant Registrar,, ext. 75336.

in the Space management and Timetabling Section of the Academic Office.