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Continuation of Registration Committee Panel - Postgraduate Students

Membership 2017/18

The Chairs of the Faculty Education Committees of the Boards of the Faculties of Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences:

Dr Sarah Richardson (Arts)

Professor Lesley Roberts (Medicine)

Dr Dave Britnell (Science)

Christopher Bisping (Social Sciences)

The Chair of the Committee on the Admission of Students to Courses of Study for cases referred under paragraph 36.4 (4) of Regulation 36:

Professor Christopher Hughes

Up to ten members of academic staff appointed by the Senate to include at least one member of staff involved in the four year MB ChB

Dr Christine Achinger (Arts)

Dr Pierre Purseigle (Arts)

Dr Chantal Wright (Arts)

Alyson Quinn (Medicine)

Andrew Taylor (Medicine)

Dr Dave Wood (Science)

Dr Philip Young (Science)

Peter Brown (Social Sciences)

Dr Stuart Fraser (Social Sciences)

Professor John McEldowney (Social Sciences)

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