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Course Proposal Scrutiny Panel

Membership 2022/23



Deputy Chairs

Professor Daniel Branch (Academic Director (Doctoral College))

Professor Andrew Clark (Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education and Policy))

Professor Will Curtis (Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education Quality and Standards))

Lee Griffin (Academic Director (Postgraduate Taught))

At least one representative per teaching department of the University

Dr Tilly Harrison (Applied Linguistics)

Dr Richard Smith (Applied Linguistics)

Dr Sarah Dahl (Centre for Education Studies)

Dr Russ Kitson (Chemistry)

Dr Naomi Waltham-Smith (Centre for Interdiciplinary Methodologies (CIM))

Professor James Davidson (Classics and Ancient History)

Professor Ruth Hewston (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

Dr Nalita James (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

Professor Jane Sinclair (Computer Science)

Dr Adam Chester (Computer Science)

Dr Alastair Smith (School for Cross-Faculty Studies)

Professor Des Hewitt (Centre for Teacher Education)

Dr Stefania Paredes Fuentes (Economics)

Dr Alex Karalis Isaac (Economics)

Professor Gill Cooke (Engineering)

Professor Georgia Kremmyda (Engineering)

Dr Rochelle Sibley (English and Comparative Literary Studies)

Dr Clare Shaw (History)

Professor Matthew Thomson (History)

Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro (History of Art)

Professor Jonathan Heron (IATL)

Dr Sudipa Sarkar (Institute for Employment Research)

Dr Kathryn McMahon (Law)

Professor Dalvinder Singh (Law)

Kerry Dobbins (ADC)

Peter Fossey (ADC)

Professor Philip Young (Life Sciences)

Dr Daniel Franklin (Life Sciences)

Dr Stefan Adams (Mathematics)

Dr Dave Wood (Mathematics)

Dr Andreas Murr (PAIS)

Dr Chris Rogers (PAIS)

Professor Christopher Hoerl (Philosophy)

Professor Diarmuid Costello (Philosophy)

Professor Mark Newton (Physics)

Dr Yorck Ramachers (Physics)

Dr Adrian von Muhlenen (Psychology)

Dr Michele Aaron (SCAPVC)

Dr David Lees (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Dr Richard Lampard (Sociology)

Dr David Turner (Sociology)

Professor David Hobson (Statistics)

Dr Ross Ritchie (WBS)

Professor Alexander Stremme (WBS)

Dr Jeff Jones (WMG)

Dr Matt Jones (WMG)

Dr Leda Mirbahai (WMS)

Dr Helen Nolan (WMS)

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