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Professional Services Monthly Meeting

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Membership 2023/24

Registrar (Chair) Rachel Sandby-Thomas
Chief Information and Transformation Officer Raja-Saleem Javaid
Group Finance Director Rosie Drinkwater
Secretary to Council Dr Chris Twine
Marketing and Communications SLT  
Directors reporting to the Registrar  

The Faculty Directors of Administration:

Diana Stonefield (Arts)

Ruth Cooper (Science, Engineering and Medicine)

Jackie Clarke (Social Sciences)

Chief Operating Officers (WBS, WMG, WMS)

Gareth Bennett (WBS)

Danielle Bonsor (WMG)

Jane Hodge (WMS)

In Attendance

Head of Finance, Departmental Services Team (PSG)

Programme Manager, PSG Reform

Executive Officer

Other attendees to align with the agenda for each meeting.

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Terms of Reference

(i) To take a cross-PSG perspective on thematic issues (opportunities, threats, and matters of strategic importance) and to direct horizon scanning and scenario planning activities where appropriate.

(ii) To actively monitor and direct work in regard to cross-cutting PSG strategic priorities.

(iii) To actively monitor and input into areas of strategic change relevant to PSG.

(iv) To share insights into the focus areas and pressures faced by academic departments to inform PSG activities.

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Reporting Structure

The Professional Services Monthly Meeting reports on an ad hoc basis to the University Executive Board, via the Chair.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Sarah Gregory, Executive Officer, Registrar's Business Group

Assistant Secretary: Sam Broster, Executive Assistant to the Registrar, University Executive Office

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The Professional Services Monthly Meeting is meeting on the following 23/24 dates:

Thursday 28 September 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 25 October 09:30 – 11:20 [Deep Dive, In person]

Thursday 23 November 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 20 December 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Tuesday 30 January 09:30 – 11:20 [Deep Dive, In person]

Wednesday 28 February 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 27 March 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 1 May 09:30 – 11:20 [Deep Dive, In person]

Tuesday 4 June 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 3 July 09:30 – 11:20 [Teams]

Wednesday 14 August 09:30 – 11:20 [Deep Dive, In person]

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