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Race Equality Taskforce

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Membership 2023/24

Doreen Foster, Director of Warwick Arts Centre (Chair)

Lisa Field, Social Inclusion Manager

Dan Branch, Professor, Warwick History Department

Mark Hinton, Community Engagement Development Manager, Centre for Lifelong Learning

Virinder Kalra, Professor, Department of Sociology

Sotaro Kita, Professor, Psychology

Vaishnavi Ravi, Warwick Students’ Union Representative

Ros Roke, Director of Strategic Programme Delivery

Sharifah Sekalala, Professor, School of Law

Stephen Shapiro, Professor, English and Comparative Literary Studies

Harminder Singh, Senior Teaching Fellow, Warwick Business School

Monica Sounderraj, Senior Teaching Fellow, WMG

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Terms of Reference

The aim of the Race Equality Taskforce (RET) is to take forward the recommendations of the Social Inclusion Strategy under the general guidance and direction of the Social Inclusion Committee.

  • Provide leadership on matters pertaining to race equality at the University of Warwick.
  • A place for robust and considered discussion about race equality issues, but not to let discussion and debate take up so much space that we fail to act.
  • Proceed in a way which acknowledges the lived experience and emotional labour of Taskforce members and others doing Race Equality Work.

1. Developing a strategy for Race Equality through:

  • Developing and articulating an action plan and how to move it forward
  • Identifying other strategic priorities as needed, in response to changing circumstances and developing understandings
  • Providing strategic direction in the light of existing/possible initiatives and their inter-connectivities

2. Reviewing information, research and data on race inequality and, where necessary, make recommendations for changing practices through:

  • Acknowledging, engaging with, mapping and supporting existing useful initiatives at this University in the areas of race equality and anti-racism
  • Offering an independent point of view, while providing a point from where a range of efforts can be steered and supported, and from where misdirected efforts can be limited, even if well-intended

3. Actively inform how the University engages key people/audiences on ‘race’, racism and race equality through:

  • Influencing the adoption of best practice
  • Providing guidance and steering on key projects to impact on race equality
  • Accelerating the adoption of best practice across the institution
  • Pursuing student/staff co-creation of policy recommendations re: strategic issues, including direction to relevant departments and maintaining oversight
  • Contextualising the work of the RET by reference to any effective practice and real change in our peer institutions

4. Reporting regularly to the Social Inclusion Committee and other strategic University Committees

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Reporting Structure

The Race Equality Taskforce reports to the Social Inclusion Committee.

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Secretary: Lorraine Martin, 


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