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Students' Union and University Liaison Group

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Membership 2021/22

Director of Student Experience

Adele Browne

Vice President (Societies)

Anna Taylor

Operations Director (Wellbeing and Safeguarding)

Ben Pithouse

Vice President (Education)

Chih Hsiang Lo

Director of Education, Policy and Quality

Dan Derricott

Vice President (Sports)

Emma Birch

Vice President (Postgraduate)

Hamza Rehman

Vice President (Democracy and Development)

Jack Sperry

Director of Student Opportunity (Interim)

Jenny Hughes

Director of Social Inclusion

Kulbir Shergill

Secretariat (supplied by University)

Megan Caulfield (Secretary)

Head of Strategic Projects & Administration,
Campus and Commercial Services Group

Oliver Cooper

Dean of Students

Rebecca Freeman (Co-Chair)

Academic Registrar (Interim)

Roberta Wooldridge-Smith

Chief Executive, Warwick SU

Roohi Mehra

Vice President (Welfare and Campaigns)

Tomi Amole

President, Warwick SU

Will Brewer (Co-Chair)

Terms of Reference

1. To ensure a clear and mutual understanding of the respective roles of Warwick Students’ Union and the University of Warwick in developing and delivering an excellent student experience for all members of the student community.

2. To develop, implement and monitor operational plans to deliver on shared priorities and underpinning principles as identified through the University-Students’ Union Strategic Partnership Review (2020).

3. To evaluate key performance metrics from both organisations to identify potential collaborative actions and measures.

4. To collaborate to ensure the efficient, effective and transparent use of resources.

5. To ensure compliance with the respective organisational responsibilities under the Framework of Good Governance and Accountability.

6. To act as forum for discussion of issues of emerging concerns from members of the University community.

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Secretary: Megan Caulfield (Senior Projects Officer, Dean of Students Office)

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Paper Submission Meeting Date
24 October 2 November
3 January 10 January
23 March 4 April
2 June 13 June

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