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University Executive Board (Operational Sub-Group) (disestablished)

Membership 2022/23

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Professor Stuart Croft

Chief Information and Transformation Officer

Raja-Saleem Javaid

The Provost

Professor Chris Ennew

The Registrar

Rachel Sandby-Thomas

The Group Finance Director

Rosie Drinkwater

The Secretary to Council

Dr Chris Twine

Chief Communications Officer

Jane Furze

Faculty Chair

Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams

In attendance:


Director of Strategic Change

James Alexander

Director of Client Experience

Geraint Llewelyn

Head of Risk and Resilience

Christopher Griffin

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To have strategic oversight, on behalf of the University Executive Board, of strategic change projects. The UEB Operational sub group will oversee the prioritisation of new and existing projects and have responsibility of ensuring programmes are supporting strategic and critical operational priorities so that resource and budgets can be effectively allocated.

The sub group will also be the only authority for any changes to scope and delivery of projects and requests for projects to proceed outside of the strategic change programme.

Terms of Reference

    a) To have oversight on the change programme priorities and act as single point for escalation.

    b) To review strategic change programme requirements against cross institutional priorities to ensure they are aligned.

    c) To approve any changes to agreed delivery plans and approval for new project plans.

    d) Monitor KPIs related to the Strategic Change Programme and Client Experience Programme.

    e) To review current Client Experience and Project Portfolio action plans and make recommendations based on their current progress.

    f) To receive updates on projects reporting adverse progress and discuss project specific risks around delivery timeline.

    g) To monitor University’s Client Experience procedures and implementation programme.

    h) To act as single point for risk escalation for the IDG and strategic risk register.

    Reporting Structure

    The UEB Operational Sub-Group reports to University Executive Board.

    Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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    Secretary: Sarah Wall, Executive Officer

    Assistant Secretary: Christopher Anderson, Senior PA to Chief Information and Digital Officer 

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