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Administrative and Commercial departments

As part of the Five Year plannig process, non-academic deapartments are requested to undertake a SWOT analysis and Risk Assessment. In addition to the Finance Office Guidelines for the Preparation of Five-Year Plans, further guidance for non-academic departments undertaking risk assessment and SWOT analyses has been developed, and can be found below. Departments should consult the guidance on Undertaking a Departmental Risk Assessment and SWOT analysis prior to completing the forms. Please note that academic departments are not requested to undertake a SWOT analysis. 

The guidance aims to support non-academic departments in:

  • Undertaking a Risk Assessment against the Department’s strategic objectives;
  • Assessing the uncertainty or ‘risk’ in undertaking, or not undertaking, the Department’s planned activities
  • Undertaking a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

Please use the Non-Academic Department Risk form to record your departmental strategic objectives, and the outcomes of the SWOT analysis and Departmental Risk Assessment. Contained within the spreadsheet are additional hints and tips to support you in completing the form.



Please note that the deadline for submission of your Risk Assessment and SWOT analysis is 16 March 2012.


Questions or queries about the SWOT Analysis and/or Risk Assessment sections of the 5 Year Planning Process?