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Review of Risk Management at Warwick

This page will be updated with further information on the review of Risk Management currently being undertaken by the Governance team. Recommendations are expected to be submitted to Council for consideration by the Summer term 2012.

The Council has approved an interim Risk Management Procedure for 2011-12. A summary of the key changes is provided below:

What are the key changes in 2011/12 for...academic departments?

  • A Departmental Risk Assessment will be included as part of the ARC strategic planning process (and associated) documentation

  • The ARC strategic planning meetings with Heads of Departments will refer to information provided within the Departmental Risk Assessment, focusing primarily on academic-related risks;

  • Risk assessment for academic departments will now follow the timescales for the ARC Strategic Planning Process;

  • Revised Risk Assessments will be submitted to, and considered by, the ARC Strategic Planning Group as well as by the Operational Risk Management Group in spring 2012;

  • Academic departments are no longer required to undertake a SWOT analysis

What are the key changes in 2011/12 for...non-academic departments?

  • No changes have been instituted to the Risk Management Procedure in 2011/12 for non-academic departments: SWOT analyses and departmental Risk Assessments will be submitted as part of the 5 year planning round, as well as being considered by the Operational Risk Management Group.