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Risk Management Group

Papers for the meeting of the Risk Management Group to be held on 22 October 2008 

 Agenda for 22 Oct 08 RMG

 Minutes of 4 June 08 RMG

 RMG.1/08-09  Membership

 RMG.2/08-09  Internal Audit Report and DRO response(PDF Document)

 RMG.3/08-09  Marsh Report Summary

 RMG.4/08-09  Proposed amendments to RM process

 RMG.5/08-09  Proposed amendments to RM Policy

 RMG.6/08-09  Proposed amendments to RM Procedures

 RMG.7/08-09  Proposed amendments to RMG terms of reference

 RMG.8/08-09  Proposed terms of reference and membership of the ORMG

 RMG.9/08-09  SRM Timetable

 RMG.10/08-09 University Risk Register