Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Health & Safety Services

Health, Safety & Well-being

University House

The Health and Safety Team provides specialist advice: Fire control, chemical safety, laser use, biosafety, food safety, well-being and other areas...

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Coronavirus (COVID -19)


The University Coronavirus guidance webpages for staff, students and visitors are now hosted at Whilst there remains some information on our Covid-19 webpage we are currently working to remove or signpost to more detailed information elsewhere to avoid duplication.

If you think you have symptoms, go to I think I have Covid-19 - what do I do?

Emergency & Help


Emergency: Call Security
Campus landline: x22222
Mobile: 024765 22222
Estates Help Desk

It can always be done safely!

Quick Links

First Aiders

Accident and Incident Report Form

Risk Assessment Form

OHSAS 18001

Travel Risk Assessment

Hazard Management System (QuEMIS)

H&S Policy with access to the Leadership Management Document


Ask for Health and Safety Advice

Health & Safety within Departments


Find specific Health & Safety information relating to your department or school...

Health & Safety Policy, Risk Management

Policy & Risk Management

Health and Safety policy of the University of Warwick with the appropriate risk management including risk assessments MORE..

Health & Safety Training



The department provides a blended approach to health and safety training including face-to-face, online specialised technical courses MORE...